Core Mission

We founded Connecticut Retrofit to help homeowners become more comfortable, save money and reduce their carbon footprint. This core mission has helped us build successful relationships with homeowners across Connecticut & Rhode Island, and solidified our reputation as an energy efficiency contractor and spray foam insulation company focused on providing a superior customer service.

With you from start to finish

Most contractors today are not willing to educate and support customers through the entire buying process and help them make a smart and confident decision, they simply quote a number and get to work. This is where CT Retrofit is different. Our team of Energy Specialists are committed to improving the health, comfort, and efficiency of your home. Our unique process combines years of industry experience with modern building science principles and the education and support you need to make the right decision for your home. With Connecticut Retrofit you get:

  • A certified Energy Efficiency Specialist to walk you through each step of the project, explaining everything along the way
  • A customized home health report focused on saving you money
  • A service crew that are not only certified and trained but they are always prompt, courteous, and clean up when the job is done
  • The CT Retrofit guarantee – we guarantee an energy reduction in your home and stand by our work

We will increase your home’s energy efficiency, lower your carbon footprint and save you money in utility bills. Click the Button Below or call us today to get a more efficient home.

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CT RetroFit is your number one resource for making your home more comfortable & efficient.


We build lifetime relationships with our customers by following thru on our services.

Track Record

Since 2000, we’ve been helping homeowners by improving homes just like yours.

Trained Specialists

You’re in good hands with our highly trained energy specialists and technicians. Energy is our passion.

Here at Connecticut Retrofit, we specialize in home ductless mini split systems and spray foam insulation to optimize your home’s comfort and efficiency. We recognize that proper sizing and professional installation will produce maximum long-term savings. We are dedicated to quality work, sustainability, and our customers which makes CT retrofit one the top spray foam insulation company to work with.

Our home energy audit and energy efficiency solutions are custom-designed for your homes needs and are cost-effective to meet your budget. We will help you prioritize your improvements and perform all the work.

Contact Connecticut Retrofit today to schedule a home energy consultation to identify the problem areas in your home.


Insulation is efficient when it has a higher R-value, referring to the ability of insulation to resist heat traveling through it in either direction. If you want to enjoy the highest possible level of heat resistance, then spray foam insulation is what you want caressing the walls of your home. Developed in the late 1970s, this type of insulation has become a popular choice for homeowners due to its unique properties. Made of a combination of two chemicals that blend together to form a foam, spray foam insulation can be used in new residential constructions or retro-fitted into your walls to replace older or less-efficient insulation. We’ll help you make confident decisions right for your budget and home insulation needs.


Make a wise investment that will be good for your bottom line by choosing spray foam insulation to keep your interior spaces comfortable for your employees, visitors, and customers. In addition to providing maximum efficiency, this type of insulation can reduce sound transfer to create quieter work areas. Our experienced contractors can install commercial spray foam insulation in any business, retail, or publicly used space, including schools, churches, warehouses, and similar structures. You’re sure to appreciate the durability of a product that can pay for itself over time when you factor in potential long-term savings from the increased efficiency you’ll enjoy.

CT Retrofit spray foam insulation expands up to a hundred times its original volume. This expansion seals your home creating energy savings by preventing air leakage.

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Is Spray Foam Insulation Safe?

We have years of experience insulating homes in CT. It is safe and eco-friendly as well as it can be soundproofing and water resistant. Spray foam insulation is used in basements, under porches, walls and ceilings. All spray foams must be installed by certified installers to ensure proper application and safety for everyone at the work site.

How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

It starts to expand as soon as it hits oxygen. It starts to fill in all the cracks, crevices, and all the hard to reach places. When properly applied by a certified spray foam installer, the spray foam will expand many times its original size. When it expands, it creates an airtight barrier preventing air leakage or infiltration. This dramatic expansion is what makes spray foam great for new construction and existing homes and commercial buildings in Connecticut.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Spray Foam Insulation?

There are many benefits associated with spray foam insulation. Because of spray foams expanding and hardening properties, it almost doubles the strength of the walls where its applied. At the same time, the spray foam works like a glue to hold roof sheathing in place. This is especially important in areas that have high winds.

Deters Mold

Spray foam is not only water resistant, but it is composed of an inert polymer that provides no source of food for mold or bacteria. Homes that are insulated using closed-cell insulation are better protected against mold and mildew.

Long Life-Span

The inert polymer that spray foam insulation is comprised of allows it to have an indefinite lifespan. This allows homes and businesses to enjoy the benefits of spray foam insulation for years on end before needing to re-insulate. Businesses and families that invest in spray foam insulation can actually save money over the course of 20 years or more because of spray foam’s unique ability to perform at optimal levels for extended periods of time.

Can Spray Foam Save Me Money In The Summer And Winter?

Yes it can! Let’s face it, if you live or work in Connecticut or any other state around it, you know New England winter weather can be very cold. And summers can get pretty hot. One if the largest benefits of using spray foam insulation is that it saves you money! Insulating with spray foam helps seal your home and prevent your warm or cool air from leaking out.

Save money in the summer You will save money on air conditioning and electricity bills in the summertime by keeping your home cooler and more efficient. And in cold north east winters, your home will retain its heat better and save you money on heating expenses. Without spray foam insulation, many homes in CT will have up to half of their warm and cool air leak outside. That is the same as throwing their hard earned money out the window. Let Connecticut Retrofit help you save money and improve the quality of your biggest investment, your home.

Spray Foam insulation is the best combatant of heat loss and air infiltration than any other insulation material including fiberglass and cellulose.


If you’re interested in our Insulation Services call the local spray foam insulation company experts at Connecticut Retrofit. We will perform a comprehensive energy evaluation on your home and provide you a priority list of improvements you could make to your home. We offer free energy audit consultations in Connecticut including Mystic CT , Stonington CT , Glastonbury CT , Madison CT, East Lyme CT, and throughout Rhode Island. So the next time you’re searching Google for Insulation Companies Near Me, Insulation Contractor Near Me, Spray Foam Insulation Company Near Me, Spray Foam Near Me,  Insulation Contractors CT, Insulation Installation CT, Insulation Company in CT, Spray Foam Contractor in CT, Spray Foam Company CT, Foam Insulation in CT, Spray Insulation in CT click on the Insulation Experts of Connecticut, Connecticut Retrofit!



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