When you live in the Northeast, you learn that home insulation is a very important part of your home. Not only can it keep your home at a comfortable, even temperature, but it can also help you save money on your energy bills. While you may already think your home is insulated, there are several areas that we recommend considering adding insulation:

Attic Access Door

Even if your attic has sufficient insulation, you’ll want to make sure your attic door has it too. Attics get cold during the winter months, and whether your door is built into the ceiling or is a walk-in door, it can easily let that cold air out into the rest of your home. Insulate it properly and you’ll eliminate cold drafts and keep surrounding rooms warmer.


While cantilevered floors are a great way to give your home some character, you have to remember that they sit beyond the exterior wall below. This means they don’t receive any warmth from the room below and can get cold. Installing insulation between the floorboards and the exterior-facing soffit can help protect the floors from cold outside temperatures.

Ceilings/Walls Next to Cold Spaces

Ceilings and walls that are adjacent to a cold space (such as an attic, a garage, or a crawl space) may require extra insulation in order to protect the room from the colder temperatures next to it. Consider extra insulation especially if the room is one you spend a lot of time in.

Joist Spaces

Many older homes don’t have insulation between their first and second levels, which allows air to easily flow from one floor to another. By installing insulation underneath the floorboards between the spaces of your home’s joists, however, you can reduce airflow and regulate the overall temperature of your home more easily.