As we continue through the last couple weeks of winter have you gotten you tired of chilly window drafts and stepping on cold floors? Is having to stay bundled up in your home tiring? Do you find yourself having bundling up more in one room because it’s so much colder than the one you just left? During the warmer months, are you equally fed up with the heat waves that render your living space unbearable? And, even worse, are your power bills through the roof as your energy-burning air conditioner struggles to cool the house?

Sealing air leaks and properly insulating your home are two of the most effective steps towards reducing the heating and cooling costs in your home. You can also increase the comfort level of your home. Air sealing leaks reduces any uncontrolled air flow into and out of your home. Insulation can also reduce the transfer of heat through walls, roofs and floors. You want you heat staying in during the winter and out during the summer.

Insulation works best when your air leaks are sealed first. Air can leak in and out of your house in many places, this includes around doors and windows, ceilings, walls, floors, around plumbing pipes, vents and electrical outlets and so on. There are so many spaces in your home that you might not realize air is flowing in and out of.

An energy evaluation from CT Retrofit can determine where the leaks and gaps are with the insulation in your home. In addition, having a duct system that is properly sealed can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and safe. Sealing and insulating ducts can help with indoor air quality by reducing the risk of pollutants and dust entering ducts and circulating through your home. This can include carbon monoxide from appliances.

According to, leaky ducts can reduce heating and cooling system efficiency by as much as 20 percent.
Superior Insulation Services has a variety of insulation types that are suitable for a range of purposes – hard-to-reach areas, attic floors, ceilings, crawl spaces, walls, basements, roofs and ducts.