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Home Insulation FAQ’s

2019-04-03T03:28:17-04:00By |Categories: Insulation|

Q: What type of insulation do I need? A: The type of insulation you need actually depends on where it needs to be installed, what R-values are required, and your budget. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends different R-values for different zones. Q: What is loose-fill fiberglass? A: Loose-fill fiberglass insulation is usually blown into unfinished [...]

Ductless Mini Splits: A Maintenance Checklist for Efficiency

2019-04-03T03:12:35-04:00By |Categories: Ductless Mini|

When traditional ductwork is not an ideal choice for your home or business, Connecticut Retrofit can install a ductless mini split instead. The advantages of a ductless system include an inexpensive installation and less operational costs when compared to traditional ducted systems, as well as simpler maintenance. Because a ductless mini split is easy to maintain, you [...]

How Much Does A Ductless Mini Split System Cost?

2019-04-03T03:30:27-04:00By |Categories: Ductless Mini|

Are you looking for a quiet, efficient heating and air conditioning solution for your home, that can severely reduce your energy costs and quickly pay for itself? Then you'll want to consider a ductless mini-split system from Connecticut Retrofit. Ductless is a flexible and energy saving alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, window units and oil heat. So, [...]

Ductless Mini-Splits – Your Highest-Efficiency Heating & Cooling System

2019-04-03T04:20:49-04:00By |Categories: Ductless Mini|

A mini-split air conditioning system, also called a ductless mini split system, is a smart alternative for uncomfortable homes where traditional cooling and heating systems aren’t getting the job done. Traditional approaches to cooling and heating include use of air conditioners, ducted air-based central cooling and heating, hydronic radiators (water-based heating) or electric space heaters. Ductless [...]

Ice Dam Repairs

2019-04-03T03:31:57-04:00By |Categories: Ice Dam, Insulation|

ICE DAMS: Call Connecticut Retrofit An Ice Dam is a hump of ice that forms at the edge of a roof under certain wintertime conditions. An ice dam can damage both your roof and the inside of your home. It will put gutters and downspouts at risk too. Ice Dams are a common sight in Connecticut [...]

Investing In An Energy Efficient Retrofit Of Your Home

2019-04-03T05:34:04-04:00By |Categories: Energy Efficiency|

Residential and commercial buildings consume over 40 percent of the overall energy usage in the United States. These buildings represent a big opportunity to reduce our nation’s overall energy usage as well as it dependence on foreign sources of energy. The good news is that often times these buildings can have an energy retrofit on their home [...]

Top 5 Questions About Ductless Air Conditioners – Answered!

2019-04-03T04:03:25-04:00By |Categories: Ductless AC, Ductless Mini|

So, you’re looking to cool a room (or two...or three) in your Connecticut or Rhode Island home, but you don’t want to mess with installing extra ductwork to cool them. Or maybe your home does not have ductwork at all. You've heard of ductless mini-split air conditioners. They sound interesting, but you have lots of questions. You’re not [...]

Energy Costs and Your Home

2019-04-03T03:15:20-04:00By |Categories: Energy Efficiency|

Learning how to save energy can help you save money, and in the long run increase the total efficiency of your home as a whole. With energy saving techniques, you can not only save money on your utility bills, but also help the environment. The process of this is simple and energy efficiency is one of [...]

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