Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System Installation Columbia CT2019-04-03T03:45:48-04:00

Project Description

PROJECT SCOPE: Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System (Heat & AC) Install

Kirk C. of Columbia CT

“I didn’t believe that they would actually be this quiet. This is absolutely amazing!”


After all of their kids flew off to college, Kirk and Ginny were thinking of moving out of such a large house. But how could they make it more comfortable and energy efficient for the next few years while also increasing its resale value?


Consulting with Connecticut Retrofit determined that a ductless mini-split system would be a great solution to this nearly four-thousand square foot space without any heavy remodeling or invasive ductwork. A dual compressor Mitsubishi GL series mini-split system would serve 9 indoor zones. Each bedroom and even the master bathroom now has a dedicated evaporator installed.

The kitchen’s rattling window AC system was replaced with a similar sized Mitsubishi (but twice the SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.) This 9,000 BTU indoor unit will not only heat in the winter, cool and dehumify in the summer AND operate as quiet as a library.

One of Kirk’s concerns was how to disguise the refrigerant lines on the exterior of the house so that it didn’t look like an industrial boiler room with an octopus of insulated copper, electrical and communication cables, and codensation drainage tubes running up the siding. Usually, we would use 3.5″ slim-duct line-hides: white channels that are designed to blend in with traditional rain gutters. Because Kirk was also mid-repair on his chimney chase, we were able to run 80% of the lines through the chase and minimize the line hides. He was impressed with the resulting setup because only a few feet of line hide was used to cover dozens of feet of components.

But this installation’s challenges don’t end there…In one of the first floor living rooms, the location of the evaporator inside wouldn’t allow for a perfectly centered between the windows because of the location of a stud in the wall. Ginny solved this with creative picture hanging.

Another placement battle was in the spare bedroom. To get the proper vertical clearance for airflow, a unit thatbwas placed above a window needed to invade the window trim’s territory. The window trim had to be removed, modified, reinstalled, and painted. The location in the room is perfect for proper airflow and temperature distribution, so we wont let trim get in the way of the best placementi. Since its her house, Ginny was ultimately the person making the decison on these installation choices, and we allbworked together to go over all the possibilities..A comfortable process for comfortable results.

As comfortable as the house is after the system was completed, they are most amazed at how quiet the system is. “I didn’t believe that they would actually be this quiet. This is absolutely amazing!” she said after the installation was complete. Now when the kids visit for the summer, they may be too comfortable to want to leave again!