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Project Description

LOCATION: Stonington CT
PROJECT SCOPE: Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System Install


They wanted to make their house more comfortable and stop using window air conditioners. There are two rooms that they don’t use much now that will be kids rooms in the future.

Window air conditioners are noisy and produce messy condensation on top of making electric bills high. The solution for Jessica and Curt was a ductless mini split system that will cool the house in the summer AND supplement the oil baseboard heat in the winter lowering all the energy bills!


The downstairs is a wide open space that acts as one big zone requiring one large evaporator or could have been split into two zones if their lifestyle called for it. Upstairs, each of the three bedrooms are their own zones.

There are many factors that determine which size is best: location of windows, doors, and electronics (TVs, computers, and refrigerators all produce heat.) The condition of the space above and below a room are important considerations as well. It’s not as easy as measuring square footage.

Under the deck in the back of the house is a perfect location for the outdoor condenser that powers the indoor evaporators. Mounted on a concrete pad or raised base gives it a level surface to stand upon and also makes sure the snow doesn’t build up around it in the winter. The condenser is about as loud as a box fan and has all the computerized software and inverter technology to make the system super efficient.

From the rear of the house, the coolant lines were mounted to the underside of the deck and around to either side of the house. Line Hide Channels were used and are the insulated coolant lines, communication and power supply cable, and the condensation drainage tube. It can be painted the same color as the house to make it inconspicuous, but Jessica and Curt were not concerned in this case. It looks like a gutter running down the siding.

Once it was installed over the course of a couple days, it was ready to turn on. It had the room cooled down in a matter of minutes and was so quiet that it was hard to tell if it was on at all. All four can be used at once, but Jessica and Curt plan on using the downstairs one when they are relaxing after work and then the master bedroom can be turned on in the evening.

With the remote, it is easy to schedule and control every aspect of the operation: it can be as easy or sophisticated as they want to make it. Now they have a more comfortable house and can get back to enjoying life by the ocean in Stonington CT.

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